Empower your store managers to become more productive with smooth, efficient store task management.

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A Digital Assistant For Your Store

With YOOBIC Operations, store managers have a digital tool that helps them manage daily tasks easily, giving them full control over what’s happening on their floor.

Better Task Delegation

Assign tasks more efficiently, notify store employees instantly, and make sure all tasks are completed at the right time by the right person.

Store Manager Task Management

Improved Customer Service

Make life easy for your store employees with a simple way to manage and execute store tasks so they can spend more time on what
matters: your customers.

Good customer experience in-store

Store Task Management Optimized

Create Custom Task Lists

Create individual or recurring task lists for you or your team in a few clicks. From daily store opening checklists, to product recalls, to promotion implementation, and more.

Create Store Task Lists
Send Instant Notifications

Send notifications to employees when tasks are assigned to them, giving them one convenient place to carry out and check off tasks.

Notify Store Employees
Gain Full Visibility On Task Progress

Give your store managers real-time visibility into how each store’s tasks are being accomplished so they can prioritize and adjust to ensure the best results.

Track Store Tasks Progress
Create Store Task Lists
Notify Store Employees
Track Store Tasks Progress
  • Store Task Assignment
    Easy Task Assignment
    A fully digital tool to manage and assign in-store tasks
  • Store Tasks Execution
    Fast Execution
    Execute tasks faster
    and more accurately
  • Store Tasks Tracking
    Full Visibility
    Monitor the completion
    of important tasks in real-time