Offer personalized, interactive training to improve your associates’ knowledge, boost their skills, and drive up sales.

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Share Knowledge That Delivers Results

Give your teams the training needed to perform at their best so they can provide customers with an excellent in-store experience.

Continuous Growth

With microlearning, your team learns quickly
and on the go. Through interactive courses,
your teams retain knowledge easier and longer.

Continuous Growth

Personalized Learning

Get a real-time overview of each employee’s
progress and push content that is relevant
to their individual needs and level of expertise.

Personalized Learning

How Microlearning Boosts Employee Performance

Create interactive courses

Easily create, manage and deliver customized learning experiences using interactive videos, quizzes, and more

Creating custom courses
Deliver a user-friendly experience

Send your associates notifications and recommendations for courses they can complete quickly from any device.

Courses recommendations
Engage using gamification

Team members can engage in battles, collect points, earn badges, and compare results on a shared leaderboard to encourage better performance.

Gamified learning
Reward your best performers

Empower your best learners and reward their performance to inspire more overall growth.

Reward employees
Creating custom courses
Courses recommendations
Gamified learning
Reward employees

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  • Customized Content
    Customized Content
    Personalized training and recommendations for each and every employee
  • User-Friendly
    Intuitive app that’s fun, interactive, and enjoyable
  • Happier Customers
    Happier Customers
    Improve overall customer experience with knowledgeable and capable employees